• Cleopatra Mathis
    2020 Writing Intensive Leader

Writing Intensive | July 1-2, 2020

The creative addition to the Conference on Poetry and Teaching.


he Frost Place Writing Intensive is a day-and-a-half reading and writing workshop that directly follows the Conference on Poetry and Teaching, giving teachers the opportunity to focus entirely on their own creative growth.  This creative extension allows attendees of the Conference to write and workshop their writing, and concludes with a featured reading at the Henry Holt Barn at The Frost Place.

The Writing Intensive is an intimate experience. The maximum number of participants is 10. Applicants must be a participant of the Conference on Poetry and Teaching or a former participant with strong entry preference given to current Conference on Poetry and Teaching participants. No discounts will apply. No scholarships will be given.

The Writing Intensive begins after the last lunch of the Conference on Poetry and Teaching Wednesday, June 28. There will be a short break between programs. The Writing Intensive ends mid-day on the following day.

The 2020 Writing Intensive will be led by Cleopatra Mathis.

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