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    Well, yesterday I got hung up on warm woolies for the winter weather (o, there I go…alliterating all over the place). And lo, and behold– December 4 is National Sock Day! I’ve always loved Neruda’s Odes to Common Things, especially the poem, “Ode to My Socks.” Here’s a lovely reading of the poem for you […]
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    “Oh! listen in mercy, ye sons of wealth,Basking in comfort and glowing with health;Give whate’er ye can spare…” –Eliza Cook, “Winter“ As I bustle about, finding lost wool socks and matching mittens together while keeping an eye on the sky for snowflakes, I wonder about how other people are preparing to keep warm. There is […]
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    Courtesy Post: Want/ Need: Poetry of Desire, Grieving, and Giving An evening with three Portland, Maine poets We are thrilled to have Dawn Potter, Gibson Fay LeBlanc & Betsy Sholl  for a special evening of writers sharing their work. December 9 at 6:00 PM  The exhibition will also on view, please come early to view […]
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    Amanda Newell, a 2014 Frost Place Poetry Seminar alum, is the 2021 Rattle Chapbook Prize Winner for her work, I Will Pass Even to Acheron. Newell’s poetry has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Gargoyle, Plume, Scoundrel Time, and elsewhere. She is a graduate of Warren Wilson’s MFA program. To learn more about Amanda Newell and […]
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    Like so many other organizations, The Frost Place has really felt the effects of the ongoing pandemic. While the grounds and Poetry Trail have been open for everyone to enjoy, the house and museum have been closed to the public due to the public health concerns associated with Covid-19 exposure. Our writing programs such as […]

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