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    OK, here’s the list: keys? phone? wallet? list? reusable bag? pen? shoes? socks? sweater or jacket? Dang…forgot the coffee. Is this anything like your average trip out of the house? Sure feels like mine. Scavenger hunts should be fun, though. We have a fun one for visitors at The Frost Place when the museum/grounds are […]
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    Congratulations to Allison Joseph, former Poetry Seminar faculty! Her lovely collection Lexicon was selected by judge Ned Balbo. Allison will be awarded a $500 prize. Ned also singled out Marilyn Taylor’s Outside the Frame and Matt Miller’s Tender the River as runners up. Balbo writes, “Joseph’s Lexicon excels in its vision, intelligence, and emotional range, […]
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    Most of us love to make music, but not all of us feel we are really all that good at it. Well, who cares, really? Grab a kazoo, an ocarina, thump an empty oatmeal container– whatever keeps a beat and puts some joy into the air, let’s all go do it! One of my favorite […]
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    Very good, poetry is!! I would love to read a bunch of poems with inverted sentences like Yoda-speak! Any takers? If you draft one, send it along! Fun, you will have, and well, you should keep. CMG Continue reading →
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    “The revery alone will do,If bees are few.” from Emily Dickinson, “To Make a Prairie“ The United Nations is focused on the threats of protection posed by COVID-19 to bees and other pollinators. The UN has also chosen to promote bee-keeping awareness and the importance of bee-derived products, and asks us, globally, to “bee engaged.” […]

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