Becky Beno

Becky Beno has lived in the beauty of New Hampshire’s mountains and lakes for most of her life. After college at the University of New Hampshire, she and her husband signed up for the Peace Corps, serving two years in a small village in Suriname, South America.  Upon returning from the Peace Corps, they moved to Bethlehem, New Hampshire and began teaching at The White Mountain School, where they have now lived and worked for nearly twenty years. During her time at WMS, she has had many responsibilities, including Community Service Director, Cultural Events Coordinator and ESL instructor. Every spring, she would take her ESL students to the Frost Place to read Frost’s poetry and reflect on their growth over the course of the year. She is currently an Academic Coach in the Learning Center at The White Mountain School where she helps students with learning differences develop their self-awareness, self-advocacy and academic skills. Becky has always loved both poetry and literature and the ways that words help us to make sense of the human experience. 

She writes, “As someone who lives locally and can easily assist with connections and logistics, I would be happy to help the Board with special event planning.  Moreover, I also know that educational outreach is an important part of the mission of The Frost Place. I am more than happy to work with others on the board to find ways to promote the mission of The Frost Place by supporting local teachers and young writers.”

Date: September 12, 2017
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