Edward W. Clark Jr., Treasurer

Ed Clark, Board Member

Ed Clark is an art dealer and appraiser.  He is President of Look North, an Inuit art gallery dealing in sculpture, painting, prints, and photographs, with locations in Guildhall, VT and New York City. He is a graduate of Ruskin College at Oxford University in England, and was the former chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts College of Art.

He is an accomplished fine arts photographer and co-founder of Collective Vision, a Boston-based photography collective. Mr. Clark has worked and lived in both the United States and Europe and brings diverse managerial level experience in the arts, banking, government, and labor relations to the Board. He is active in the Vermont Democratic Party and serves on the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Labor Relations Board.

He now lives full time in Guildhall, VT with his partner, Laura Wilson. His past-times include hiking, raising and training Belgian Sheepdogs and dog sledding in the eastern Canadian Arctic.

Date: March 04, 2013
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