Nina Schafer

Nina Schafer has been a participant at The Frost Place most summers since 1993, first at the Conference on Poetry, and then at the Conference on Teaching, Teachers-as-Writers, and the Poetry Seminar. She runs her own Poetry Distribution Project by handing out 12,000 poems a year to persons she meets in elevators, doctor offices, grocery check-out lines, the car dealership, and finds that people open up with stories as if she were the bartender or the hair dresser.  For twelve years she developed year-long college-acredited educational programs overseas. Later she taught in elementary school for which she created cooperative board games, taught art history in high school, and taught poetry at a university life-long-learning campus and for book clubs. She holds an MA in Philosophy, and still consults Aristotle and Kant for advise. She raised her now-grown two children in the US Virgin Islands, and loves her recent move to Philadelphia.

Date: November 16, 2015
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