Teacher Consultant Alyssa Kelly

Alyssa Kelly

Alyssa Kelly is a high school English teacher, poet, and singer-songwriter. She has ten years of overall teaching experience in grades 7-12, as well as the college level. As an
educator, her passion lies in poetry instruction, particularly with regard to students who struggle to find success in a traditional Language Arts classroom. She has developed a
year-long poetry curriculum aimed at engaging vocational high school students in the study and composition of verse. Her own poetry was recently published in Uncommon
Core (Red Beard Press), a collection of contemporary poems meant for classroom use. A four-time attendee of The Conference on Poetry & Teaching and its Inaugural Teaching Fellow (2014), she considers the conference to be “an ideal professional development community for teachers seeking practical resources, refreshing inspiration, and genuine support for the relevant integration of poetry in the classroom.” Alyssa teaches at Franklin County Technical School in Turners Falls, MA.

Date: November 12, 2014
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