Teacher Consultant Lisa Muller

Lisa Muller has been an enthusiastic classroom teacher in Indiana for the last thirty years.  Going to school each day at a large public high school is a joy for her.  Even with the pressure of standards and standardized tests, she finds ways to make the classroom a place of inspiration, choice, and empowerment.  Students find, along with rigorous expectations, kindness and respect.  Hopefully, they move toward finding their voices.  She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for forty-four years, and they have three grown sons, along with four grandchildren.

“At Frost Place, I have found an incredibly warm and supportive community of teachers and other poetry afficiandos who come together each year to talk about what works and what doesn’t.  It is a place where those who love poetry and love teaching come together.  I look forward to working with Dawn, Theresa, Baron, and other teachers, and helping in any way I can.  The influence of this magical place has been analogous to dropping the pebble into the pond.  The ripples extend all the way to our Indiana classroom, and I would love to have more teachers from the Midwest attend.”  — Lisa Muller

Date: November 12, 2014
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