The Frost Place Poetry Seminar | August 2 - August 8, 2020

Join a select community of poets for 5-1/2 days at the beginning of August to refresh your artistic inspiration in a setting of great natural beauty. Have your poems-in-progress given generous and focused attention in this intimate setting. Our specialty is unparalleled access to a faculty of celebrated contemporary poets, and our goal is to send you home charged up to re-enter your own work.

Returning Participants: The application-fee for returning participants is waived.

The opportunity to discuss a full-length manuscript is also available.

What participants have to say about the Poetry Seminar...

  • I liked the smallness of the program which allows faculty and participants to know the others well. Not a hierarchy like other, larger conferences. The week was the right length, the faculty was superb and the setting is very special. I felt warmly welcomed and loved being with poets in this setting. My first time.
    Ellena Wise, Poetry Seminar '14
  • Morning presentations were a wonderful surprise. Engaging content, dynamic, generous, and intelligent instructors, all presenting material that was useful (and will continue to be so) to my development as a student of poetry.
    Heidi Stahl, Poetry Seminar '15
  • “[Frost Place staff] fell over backwards to ensure my happiness. The seminar was organized sincerely around the poetic welfare of the participants. It improved my writing significantly. I met interesting and talented leaders and participants. I enjoyed the company. I had opportunities to express myself. I learned from the visitors. I discovered some of my current limitations and capabilities. I received concrete means to improve my poetry.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar
  • The lectures were all extremely interesting, informative and smart.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar
  • The Frost Place, by which I mean its community, its teachings, its locations, its nourishing food—and, of course, its poems—allowed me the space, time, and support I needed to fall in love with my work once again. I came away from my Seminar week inspired, comforted, encouraged, and secure in the realization that I am one of a tribe of poets whose dedication to this craft is life-long, because a lifetime is what poetry requires. And we’re all in this together.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar
  • A very affirming experience, which calls me back to the work I have to do once I'm home.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar
  • This is an amazing community of writers. I’m always pleased with the generosity of the faculty and the magic of the readings. I was in a state of creative exhaustion when I arrived here, and I will leave renewed. As always I treasure the people I met here. They keep me fed, creatively, throughout the rest of the year.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar
  • A whole week of honest and stimulating conversation about poetry…. Both faculty and participants were unfailingly generous, welcoming, and friendly. Critique sessions were highly engaging, insightful, and intelligent.
    Former Participant, Poetry Seminar

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