Full-Length Manuscript Review

Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly

For an additional fee of $575, the Seminar will offer to a limited number of participants the opportunity to discuss a full-length manuscript with Seminar director Patrick Donnelly. (If your manuscript is longer than 60 pages, excluding apparatus like Table of Contents, etc. there will be an additional charge.) Participants must submit a manuscript by May 24th. Applications for manuscript review cannot be considered after this date, because of the time necessary to review manuscripts in advance of the Seminar. Donnelly’s extensive editorial experience includes his time as associate editor with Poetry International, as contributing editor of the online scholarly journal Tran(s)tudies, and a decade (1999 – 2009) as associate editor with Four Way Books. He has offered manuscript review to numerous authors since 2002, including those who have gone on to publish their books, and is a knowledgeable and experienced mentor on publishing issues. The review will take the form of a detailed conversation about your manuscript, which can be recorded for your future reference.

If you are interested in scheduling a manuscript review, please let us know in your cover letter with your application. Please note the May 24th deadline for applying for manuscript review and submitting the manuscript; the Seminar application deadline is June 28th. Upon acceptance for the Seminar, the director will contact you to schedule the review. (Most reviews are scheduled during Seminar free time, or on the departure day.) If you would like to know more about the review format or have other questions, please contact us.

  • I am overwhelmed by your remarks.  Thank you for taking so much time and care with these poems.  I must admit that your observations, especially those regarding issues of tone, motivate me to press on with revisions...I will be referring to your comments often as I work through revisions on the manuscript...This is no small thing you have done for me.
    Dara-Lyn Shrager, author of THE BOY FROM EGYPT
  • Hiring Patrick Donnelly is one of the best professional decisions that I've made. Patrick's line edits gave me definitive insight into poems that I'd been revising for years, and I'm deeply grateful for his advice on organizing my manuscript as a whole. Patrick's criticisms were sensitive, thoughtful, and completely to the point. Patrick is one of a kind.
    James Arthur, author of CHARMS AGAINST LIGHTNING
  • A job well done! You've said that your editing services don't guarantee the publication of a book, but that's exactly what they did for me! I'm writing with the wonderful news that the manuscript Freak Show...was just picked up by Black Lawrence…. I could never have gotten to this milestone without your feedback. Your comments were my rudder.
    Valerie Bandura Finn, author of FREAK SHOW

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2017 Poetry Seminar Faculty includes: Patrick Donnelly, Sandra Lim, Diane Seuss, and Poetry Fellow Charif Shanahan.

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