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Conference on Poetry Scholarships and Discounts

Conference on Poetry Scholarships and Discounts



To apply for a scholarship, please include in your letter a statement detailing need.  Requests for scholarship must be received by April 15.  Scholarship applicants will be asked to make a nonrefundable deposit of $100; final invoice amount will be determined following the Scholarship Committee’s decision regarding award of scholarship funds.



Early bird discount 5%:  applicants accepted by April 15, 2015 and paid in full by May 15, 2015

Previous participant discount 5%:  applicants who have previously participated in a poetry program at The Frost Place.  Please provide details on the application form.

Senior discount 5%:  applicants who are 65 years and older at the time of their application

Maximum discount allowed (10%) is $100.00.  Discount is applicable to tuition only.

To be eligible for any of the above discounts, applicant must be accepted by April 15, 2015.  Successful applicants will receive notification by email.  The email will include the program invoice; payment will be due thirty days from the date of the invoice.  Any applicable discount will be applied in the invoice.  To make other arrangements for payment, please contact Sarah Audsley by phone (603-823-5510) or email saudsley@frostplace.org.