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The Teaching ChannelApproaches to Poetry: Pre-Reading Strategies. Lesson objectives: analyze words of a poem before seeing the big picture. Grades 6-12 / ELA / Tone & Theme / ELA.RL.8.4https://learn.teachingchannel.com/video/poetry-pre-reading-strategies
Just Add StudentsSane and simple tools to help you teach Middle School ELA. Looking for teaching strategies as you begin a poetry unit? Teaching poetry can be intimidating — for both students and teachers. But it doesn’t have to be! This post dives into ways you can teach poetry in fun and effective ways.https://justaddstudents.com/strategies-for-teaching-poetry/
Study All KnightPoetry is a timeless genre, and it is a part of most English Language curriculum.  When I tell my students they are going to learn, read or write poetry, a chorus of growls, grunts, and eye rolls follows the introduction.  No matter how a teacher introduces the aspects of poetry, no matter how many handstands, cartwheels and balancing acts we do to try to make poetry fun and engaging, it is just not enough to get our students to buy into learning about and reading poetry. That’s why today’s post is about teaching students to comprehend poetry in a manageable way.https://www.studyallknight.com/teaching-students-to-comprehend-poetry-in-7-steps/
Teach For AmericaHow to Analyze a Poem in 6 Steps
Help your students get the most out of poetry with these six practical steps.
Grammer RevolutionEight Easy Steps for Teaching Kids Poetryhttps://www.english-grammar-revolution.com/kids-poetry.html
Classroom KeyGet Outstanding Poetry from Kids With 4 Simple Skills. There’s a little-known secret about teaching poetry writing that will blow your mind. I’m sure you’ve got a few kids in your class that would rather drop their pencil on the floor forty times in a row than write anything. Between letter formation, recalling spelling, and generating ideas, writing asks a lot of kids.https://www.theclassroomkey.com/2017/04/how-to-teach-poetry-writing-in-4-easy-lessons.html
Poetry in VoiceIn 2010, Poetry In Voice created a recitation contest for senior high school students. Since then, we've developed the best online resources for teaching poetry in grades 6 through 12. Like thousands of other teachers across Canada, you’ll find exactly what you need here to get your students fired up about reading, reciting and writing poetryhttps://www.poetryinvoice.com/teach/lesson-plans
Poetry Out LoudPoetry Out Loud is not intended to replace classroom activities like creative writing. In fact, the two naturally complement each other. For that reason, we have created a number of optional writing activities and lesson plans for teachers.https://www.poetryoutloud.org/teachers-organizers/lesson-plans/
Poetry FoundationArticles, teaching materials, and other resources for teachers of all levels.https://www.poetryfoundation.org/learn
Scholastic 100Using one of Emily Dickinson's most famous poems, students learn various strategies for appreciating poetry.https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plans/teaching-content/strategies-read-and-analyze-poetry/
Reading RocketsFrom activating prior knowledge to exploring language to capturing character, discover ten ways to integrate poetry into your language, reading, and writing lessonshttps://www.readingrockets.org/article/10-ways-use-poetry-your-classroom
The Children’s Poetry ArchivePoetry doesn't just live in books - it lives in the sounds that words make. When we read poems out loud we breathe life into them and we can picture them in our imagination. The Children’s Poetry Archive is a place where you can listen to poems read out loud. We have poems read by the poets who wrote them as well as poems which other people have recorded for us. Age groups up to 16 years.https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/
National Council of Teachers of EnglishNCTE resources for teaching poetryhttps://ncte.org/resources/poetry/
The Poetry SocietyTop Tips for teaching poetry. We asked our Teacher Trailblazers for their top tips for teaching poetry. Here’s what they came up withhttps://poetrysociety.org.uk/competitions/foyle-young-poets-of-the-year-award/top-tips-for-teaching-poetry/
EduTopia6 Tips for Teaching Poetry Writing to Teens. Writing poetry is a way for middle and high school students to explore hard-to-describe aspects of their liveshttps://www.edutopia.org/article/6-tips-teaching-poetry-writing-teens
EdutopiaEvery Student Can Be a Poet: Five easy-to-implement strategies to make poetry writing accessible and fun for all students.https://www.edutopia.org/article/every-student-can-be-poet
Literacy Ideas for Teachers and StudentsHow to teach poetry to primary/elementary students.https://www.literacyideas.com/poetry
Laura Candler's Teaching ResourcesNo matter how you feel about poetry, if you’re an upper elementary teacher, you probably have to teach it at some point during the year. Poetry is included in most reading curriculums, and almost every standardized reading test has at least a few poems. Even if your students aren’t tested on poetry, there are many reasons to teach it. Just think about the amount figurative language used in poetry, and you’ll understand how learning to read and write poetry can improve comprehension of other types of text, too.https://www.lauracandler.com/how-to-teach-poetry-step-by-step/
The Academy of American PoetsSince Robert Frost encouraged our founder Marie Bullock to “get poetry into the high schools” in the 1960s, we’ve been assisting teachers in bringing poetry into the classroom. Here you’ll find poetry lesson plans, poems for kids and for teens, essays about teaching, a calendar of teaching resources for the school year, a glossary of poetry terms, and morehttps://poets.org/materials-teachers
The Academy of American Poets Inspired by the success of our popular syndicated series Poem-a-Day, we're pleased to present Teach This Poem, winner of the 2018 Innovations in Reading Prize given by the National Book Foundation. Produced for K-12 educators, Teach This Poem features one poem a week, accompanied by interdisciplinary resources and activities designed to help teachers quickly and easily bring poetry into the classroom. https://poets.org/teach-poem

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