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Activities of Daily Living: Glorifying Chores in Verse

Frost used everyday events and activities as the firm foundation of many of his poems. After reading a few of these, try your hand at writing a poem that explores what is both tedious and glorious about a task you do often (folding laundry, walking the dog, shoveling snow). Use Frost’s poems for inspiration, but be sure to make the poem both rooted in practical details of the activity but also contemplative: what greater purpose is served or what insight can be gained from this simple task?

Two Tramps in Mud Time:
Poem text of Two Tramps in Mud time
Robert Frost reading Two Tramps in Mud time

After Apple Picking:
Poem text of After Apple Picking
Paula Bohince reading After Apple Picking

Mending Wall:
Poem text of Mending Wall

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