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Full-Length Manuscript Review

For an additional $575 fee, the Seminar will offer to a limited number of participants the opportunity to discuss a full-length manuscript with Program Director Patrick Donnelly. (If your manuscript is longer than 60 pages, excluding apparatus like Table of Contents, etc. there will be an additional charge.)

Donnelly’s extensive editorial experience includes his time as associate editor with Poetry International, and a decade (1999 – 2009) as associate editor with Four Way Books. He has offered manuscript reviews to numerous authors since 2002, including those who have gone on to publish their books, and is a knowledgeable and experienced mentor on publishing issues. The review will take the form of a detailed conversation about your manuscript, which can be recorded for your future reference.

If you are interested in scheduling a manuscript review, please check the appropriate box on your seminar application. You must attend the 2024 Poetry Seminar to be eligible for the manuscript review service. Upon acceptance, the director will contact you to schedule your review for a date post-seminar.