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CPT Graduate Credit Guidelines

Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching

Graduate Credit Guidelines

Those enrolled for graduate credit will be expected to attend all morning lectures, afternoon workshops, and evening readings over the four-and-a-half-day course of the conference.

To receive graduate credit a final report should be mailed within 30 days of  the end of the conference (unless arrangements have been made otherwise per local school district requirements) to Conference on Poetry & Teaching Director, Dawn Potter:

  1. A written journal of responses to the visiting poets’ lectures/workshops/readings and the resident faculty workshops. This journal should focus particularly on the relationship between lectures/workshops/readings and classroom practice. Journal responses should address, for instance, specific ideas and concepts that can be implemented in your classroom; specific poems that can be used in the classroom; reading poetry aloud in the classroom. The journal should also include a response piece to a poem read by each of the visiting poets.
  2. A classroom activity to be implemented in the forthcoming school year. Activity should be presented in terms of clear objectives and assessments. Activity should be explained in terms of overall curriculum for grade level and how activities fit into the actualities of the curriculum: grammar, literature, writing, oral presentations and should reflect practices learned during the week of the conference.