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2020 Latinx Scholar Emericus Brown-Murillo Gonzalez

Meet Emericus Brown-Murillo Gonzalez

Emiricus Brown-Murillo Gonzalez (né Emir Brown) is a Honduran-American poet and musician from Harlem, New York. They are the author of several books: black.ace – a series of poems, how it feels to love and love again: an anthology and Entitled in the Ghetto. They were the 2017 recipient of the Artistine Mann award in Poetry with the poem, Sonnet 12: Etiket and were twice nominated for an Artistic Image award by the Emory NAACP. In turn, Emiricus was a featured poet in Z Publishing’s 2017 Georgia’s Best Emerging Poets Series. Currently studying Comparative Literature at Emory University, they were the president and co-founder of Free Thought – Emory’s last poetry club.

A Poem by Emericus Brown-Murillo Gonzalez


Barren be my mind after we meet

and make a mess of mess. I’ve lost

my grip on reality trying to keep

the one on you. What can I  say?

To better things-and not

like they once were-but anew?

I  suffer when you suffocate because

I  know my grip is what chokes you.