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Apply for Summer Programs


Applications may be completed electronically and emailed to frost@frostplace.org or printed and mailed to The Frost Place, P.O. Box 74, Franconia, NH 03580. Application fee payment can also be handled electronically (see application form for more details) or sent by mail with application materials. Please feel free to email us at frost@frostplace.org with any questions.

Returning Participants: Please email jrivers@frostplace.org for the returnee application. The application-fee for returning participants is waived.

  1. Download application form using links below. You may need the latest version of Adobe Reader, a free program.
  2. Use mouse or ‘tab’ and arrow keys on keyboard to navigate form fields.
  3. Please thoroughly review application and complete all fields.
  4. Click “File” in the toolbar and select “Save as.” Save completed form with your name in the filename. We recommend re-opening the saved file to ensure your completed form has saved properly.
  5. Send all materials by email to frost@frostplace.org or by mail to The Frost Place, P.O. Box 74, Franconia, NH 03580