• Dawn Potter
    Director of the Conference on Poetry and Teaching
  • Kerrin McCadden
    Associate Director of the Conference on Poetry and Teaching
  • The Frost Place Barn
    Join us for poetry readings in the Henry Holt Barn at The Frost Place
  • Didi Jackson
    2020 Faculty
  • Angela Narciso Torres
    2020 Faculty

Conference on Poetry and Teaching | June 27-July 1, 2020


Writing Intensive | July 1-2, 2020

The creative addition to the Conference on Poetry and Teaching.


eld each year in June, the Conference on Poetry and Teaching is a unique opportunity for teachers to work closely with both their peers and a team of illustrious poets who have particular expertise in working with teachers at all levels: K–12, graduate and undergraduate, and nontraditional and community-based instructors.  Over the course of 4½ days, faculty poets will share specific, hands-on techniques for teaching poetry. The emphasis is on the reading-conversation-writing-revision cycle, and our teaching approach aligns with the Common Core anchor standards for reading and writing. Graduate-level credits are available through Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. Certificate of completion includes 33 hours of Continuing Education credit.

“Poets talk about how poems work. Students and teachers can do that, too. That’s why we bring poets and teachers together at The Frost Place – so the teachers can hear how poets look at poems.”

Baron Wormser, poet and founding conference director

Join us this year to work with our stunning faculty in a singular setting.

Contact us for more information about the Conference on Poetry and Teaching or the Writing Intensive


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