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Carlene Gadapee
TFP Educational Coordinator, Carlene Gadapee

Education Coordinator, Carlene Gadapee

Carlene M. Gadapee teaches high school English, and she is Senior Docent/Education Coordinator for The Frost Place in Franconia, NH. She holds a BS in English Education, MEd in Curriculum and Design, and MA-LS in Liberal Studies from Northern Vermont University-Lyndon. Her work has been published in the Aurorean, Backchannels, The Blue Nib, Fishbowl Press, The Henniker Review, Northern New England Review, Parks and Points, Postcard Poems and Prose, Sojourn, Thimble, and Think. She lives in Littleton with her husband, a bossy chi-pin dog, and two beehives.

Carlene’s Publications

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