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A Day at the Conference

The view from Robert Frost's porch
The view from Robert Frost’s porch

After an afternoon break and dinner, you are shuttled from the White Mountain School to The Frost Place, Robert Frost’s historic home in Franconia, New Hampshire. As Robert Frost’s mailbox and porch come into view, the expanse of the White Mountains is revealed. Torches burn around Robert Frost’s barn, and poets are already in their seats, anticipating a night among poems and poetry.

Perhaps later this evening you’ll gather back at the White Mountain school for a late night snack and some spirited discussion between drinks and dancing. But for now you settle into your seat in Robert Frost’s barn. Maudelle Driskell, our Executive Director, asks you to turn and take in the view through the open barn doors. For a moment, you see what Robert Frost would have seen as he contemplated his timeless poems. On the stage, a world-class poet has been introduced and stands behind the podium, about to read.